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Adrian was born in Rüschlikon (Switzerland). Rüschlikon is a small town near Zurich, and it is also the place where Adrian had his first musical experience. He was only twelve years old when he played his first small public concert in town - he sang himself into the hearts of his audience, without a band and just on his acoustic guitar. Adrian must have felt deep inside that music would determine his future. From then on Adrian's musical career was to experience many different stages until today. Below you will find some of the most important phases on his way to becoming the charismatic artist he is today.

1989 - 1993

Adrian had just turned nineteen when he moved to Los Angeles, where he was remarkably successful performing with his first band SIERRA. The project became well-known throughout Southern California within a very short time, and it was not long before the band started to sell out clubs and smaller concert places. Sierra also did very well back then playing festivals and supporting international acts.

SIERRA broke up in 1991 because of personal differences. Leaving the band was an important step for Adrian to develop as an artist. It was hard at the beginning - Adrian had a lot of band experience, but none as a solo artist. Then PATRICK MORAZ, better known as the former keyboard player of Yes and the Moody Blues, discovered Adrian as a vocalist. Patrick saw Adrian for the first time when he was still singing for Sierra in a Los Angeles club. A few months later, Patrick called Adrian to tell him about his latest project, "Moraz". A meeting was arranged, and Patrick's manager drove to Adrian's apartment, which was located in north Hollywood, to pick him and take him to Patrick's studio. Adrian was very excited to meet this legendary musician.

The result of these two musicians meeting was many hours of studio work and live concerts with Patrick Moraz. Working with Patrick kept Adrian busy during his stay in Los Angeles. Patrick was almost a master teacher for Adrian in song-writing; he learned and improved a lot in that period. In Patrick's band Adrian had the chance to team up with some of the scene's greatest studio and live musicians; besides Patrick, Mandy Meier, the former guitarist of Asia/Gotthard, Mark Craney (Jethro Tull) or Bunny Brunel (Chick Corea) are just three names that speak for themselves.

Adrian had just turned 23 while working in the international music-scene, making a living from singing. Working with international music legends at this young age shaped Adrian again and again to become a vocalist with an outstanding and breathtaking voice who always worked at the highest possible level. During the time with Patrick Moraz Adrian was also hired as a singer for a lot of different studio and live projects. One of them was a solo project of PAUL HANSOM, one of LA's top scene guitarists at that time, or PETER CRISS, better known as the drummer of the legendary rock band Kiss.

1993 - 1994

Adrian returned to Switzerland at the end of 1993 and decided to start working on his own song material. Since his collaboration with Patrick, Adrian had been enthralled with the thought of writing more songs and getting deeper into the philosophy of song-writing. Adrian began to live a very excessive and turbulent life, hungering for more experience and more stories to write about. Traveling through different European countries as a street musician was probably the strangest thing to do after so many great musical years in Los Angeles - but the experience also turned out to be an important one for Adrian.

"Life is a long journey for those who believe in movement and progress" (Adrian Sturzenegger / Adrenalin EMI 2001)

1995 - 1996

After a good year of traveling, Adrian decided to put together a new band - ADRIAN STURZENEGGER. He played some club shows and some festivals with his newly founded band. A TV appearance on national television was just one additional highlight before Adrian restructured the band - and renamed it "CINEMA PARADISO".

1996 - 1999

At first it was a little unclear why he did so, but after seeing Cinema Paradiso live it became a lot clearer to everyone who witnessed this development. "CINEMA PARADISO" live on stage was a trip for the audience. Adrian started working with a creative team around him - his idea was to visualize his music. "Cinema Paradiso" created a world of its own; everything seemed possible - a perfect world for artistic freedom. Freedom and independence were always important subjects for Adrian. Adrian was often torn inside, caught between the fact that he was becoming more and more a public person and knowing that in order to grow artistically there would always be lines that would have to be crossed in order to get the experience he needed. Cinema Paradiso was a perfect reflection platform for a phenomenon that can often be witnessed in artist biographies.

At the beginning it seemed as if Adrian had successfully managed to work himself into an underground scene, moving further away from the commercial mainstream. It was his vision to produce and create something new and fresh that drove him in that direction. The interesting fact was that "Cinema Paradiso" became more and more successful on a commercial level. This development again showed the amazing quality of Adrian's music, reaching a wide range of listener. Cinema Paradiso ended up playing big shows throughout the country, opening and supporting bands such as Status Quo, Amanda Marshall, Barclay James Harvest, Manfred Mann's Earth Band and many more. Cinema Paradiso was probably the last major important phase before Adrian returned to his strong roots as an artist, re-inventing himself with every project - but without losing his unique and charismatic style.

2001 - 2004

In March 2001 Adrian released his first solo-album (ADRIAN STURZENEGGER Adrenalin / EMI Switzerland). Again he captured his audience with his remarkable performances, singing himself into the hearts of thousands. Some of the best musicians that Switzerland has to offer were invited to play on Adrian's Adrenalin Album. Peter and Walter Kaiser, Andy Pupato, Mandy Meier and Jean-Pierre von Dach are just some of the outstanding musicians that can sign their names under this atmospheric and warm-sounding singer/songwriter album. Adrian appeared on national television, gave lots of radio interviews, and played many club shows and festivals throughout the country.

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2004 - 2005

Adrian and his band were in the studio finishing up their new CD. This album turned out to be the kind of album that Adrian always wanted to make - and it's true: It is is simply brilliant, touching the listener on a deep emotional level.

Adrian covers a very wide range of pop/rock music. The outstanding quality of his songs is simply beyond compare. Adrian's music is an emotional journey; the way the songs match the deepness of his charismatic voice is absolutely breathtaking and unique. After many years of experiences, from being at the peak of success down to the streets of Europe, it seems that Adrian has found peace of mind. This is an album that fits time perfectly - Adrian's commitment to what he is doing and towards the world around him is fascinating.

A new dimension in the musical world today and a musical journey, touching the heart and soul of his listeners

Adrian and his band are planning to go on tour in 2005. Be prepared when they perform somewhere near you. Don't miss this fantastic musical experience - dive into the musical world of Adrian Sturzenegger!

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